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This is it!!!

October 1, 2009

Well, lets get started. Better yet, let’s get this party started. I just decided to change from Typepad to WordPress, and I don’t know if it was a good idea. I do know that I don’t blog enough to pay for a blog, so there-sies… That’s not a word! Anyhow, I’ve discussed extensively how I want to be better at documenting my creative musings, ideas, brainfarts, etc., but it feels all for naught when you consider that no one reads it. I don’t expect you too, there’s blogs I like that I don’t read, heck I like this blog, and I don’t even write it.

We’re getting away from the point. This is a fresh start. I saw that monthly charge on my bank statement, from Six Apart, and I resented it. I didn’t write to spite it, 4.95 a month, ha, I spend that much on coffee per day. I was like you don’t even do anything. You don’t write me to remind me to blog, you don’t tell me that you like my blog, you don’t send my blog to the plethora of interested people that maybe would’ve liked it, and then possibly would’ve have told me that they liked it, and then it would have inspired me to write further. None of that. And you don’t even have any famous blogs, Kanye’s on WordPress, so that’s incentive, also its free, so at least there’s that. I won’t be wasting money I could be spending on burritos, not blogging. That’s one wasted burrito per month, and I would never waste a burrito, I wouldn’t waste a burro either. Burrito, that is a word, its Spanish, and it means little donkey. I don’t think anyone thinks about that when they’re eating burritos.

I think about this often; why does New York have such shitty Mexican food? Or maybe, why is there so little? There’s Mexicans, there’s a demand, its cheap and easy, yet somehow, I live in this Twilight zone of mediocre to downright awful Mexican food. Que Paso? And worse, it gets worse the more money you pay for it.  I’m getting too tired to finish this initial offering, but before we can sleep, lets discuss, what we’ll be discussing in the future.

Included in the new extra secret exclusive blogging of Andy Haynes:

-MP4s, Like MP3s, but more. And in this case I will just read verbatim what my blogs say, in case my tone and inflection don’t translate to my written word, or in case you don’t read and hate words.

-More, of everything, especially blogs and my part in them. Like imagine if I’d written kick ass reviews of all the shows that premiered this week, I thought about it.

-Trains, and how I think that they could save the world and America, and then statistics and citations supporting my stuff. Choo choo…

-Reviews, of places I eat, things I saw, things I heard, and smells I tasted. I’m really tired.

-Finally, a comprehensive plan to solve health care in America, along with the economy, public education, and this nation in general, through mixed economy, separating essentials and non essentials into two groups, competitive and non-competitive, where we allow things that aren’t critical to life to function in a competitive free trade economy, and things like healthcare are provided to everyone, as well as offered privately. Non competitive would include education and tranportation as well. Also I propose isolationist diplomacy for anything other than trade and peace/aid missions. Replace the army with a giant peacecorp and conservation corp.

I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’ll get to these things later.

This made me shiver with excitement.

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