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A second post in less than a month…

October 2, 2009

How growns up? Very. And now a special dedication.

That scene rocked my fuckin world when I was 17, and I know its kind of douchey to like Swingers, but let’s all admit that the movie was almost perfect. It was so good that Hollywood has allowed Jon Favreau to make nineteen piles of shit after it, and the check still seems to be blank. They could finance a movie off of the college poster sales from Swingers. But what about MADE? Horsecrap! The MTV show is better than that movie, even if Drea De Matteo is in it.

I’ve digressed before I even started. Typical. Let’s talk about what’s really going on in Andyland.

Good news! Comes in threes. First, I got my rejection letter from Seattle International Comedy Competition, which although I’d like to do/win it someday, I’m sick of leaving New York, and now I have no reason to. I really love it here, and everytime the ball starts rolling, I leave, and come back to shambles. So this responsibility, although indirect, goes along with the ALL GROWNZ UP dedication blog. Second, I’m working all weekend at the DC Improv, opening for Donnell Rawlings, yeah, the one from the Chapelle Show, and I’m excited, cause its just me and him, so I get to make more of the funny. Hurrah! All the italics seem more responsible too, like I’m citing something. Finally I got to host Kabin last night. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a muy popular show in the East Village, and the producers, Sean Patton and Chesley Calloway, both handsome and from Louisiana, were gracious enough to let me MC. It twas fun.

In retrospect, only one of those things was really worthy of bloggin, the others were kind of  blah. I might as well have called that last paragraph “Things that make me happy.” I’m going to start calling paragraphs stanzas. I like it more, I think it makes my prose sound more poetic, although this isn’t prose or poetic, but there’s a certain poetry to that. I’m gonna write a show about a likeable New Yorker that teaches a rich woman, her efeminate son, and surly lush mother about poetry, I don’t know the name yet, but his will be Tony Stanza. That was a horrrible pun joke about Who’s the Boss? Not to be mistaken for the Chinese sitcom about the President Hu Jintoa, that one is called Hu’s the Boss, but there’s no question mark, its in the affirmative. I find it quite funny, queue racist asian laugh.

I clearly should be writing bad jokes instead this blog right now.

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