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Yet again…

October 9, 2009

3993804883_fe5769fd18The Pres kicks old white men in the dick with another slam dunk in history; the Nobel Peace Prize. It may be undeserved, but that does not that mean he won’t probably deserve it someday, so I say congrats. Something struck me about the whole occasion, so many of his opponents came out in defiance and disapproval. They didn’t congratulate him, they hoped for failure, as they continue to hope for failure, such as celebrating the Chicago Olympic bid failure. Which means for their on selfish reasons they would like to see the president fail, as well as his attempts to improve our country fail. Which is the same thing the enemies of America wished for. Great success Republicans! You are the worst people in the world, still, and the only award for that is continuing to suck, at everything.

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