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A Serious Fan…

October 15, 2009

The Coen Bros. are still great.

I’m not too much of a biblical scholar, and by not much, I should say not at all, but for the quarter of religious studies  requirements that I did have to study the good book, Job is the standout. Not just cause Job such a likeable character, but because God shits on him for a chapter of the bible, and the lesson seems to be, that God does this type of thing sometimes, and if you don’t like it, he’ll kill your wife and kids. I obviously paid a lot of attention. I think Job is the black sheep of bible chapters, they surely didn’t teach it to us in Sunday School, cause kids would then be afraid of God, and his son/twin/ghost Jesus. And because half the bible is shared with the Jews, they have their take on it too. In this allegory the Coen Bros. make Job enjoyable, and fun to laugh at.

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