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Oh well…

February 3, 2010

I was going to wait to post again until I had my new site up, but when you have a good friend do the webmastering, sometimes it just doesn’t get done. So, I’m headed to Minneapolis to open for Rory Scovel all weekend at the Joke Joint across from the Mall of America. Plan on lots of fun stuff from the two of us, while we attempt to not freeze to death by riding indoor rollercoasters. I know that isn’t the usual method for staying alive, but I’m just doing this without the manual. Speaking of no manual, right now I’m waiting for my flight at the Westchester County Airport, which is more like a bus station with planes. It smells like a bus station, has a sleazy diner like a bus station, and there’s some questionable women here that either escaped from a low security prison, or have very odd taste in drinking holes. My favorite drinking hole is my mouth. I was hesitant to fly out of Westchester since it takes a train from Grand Central, and then a bus to get here, but overall, I’m really liking it so far, they have free WIFI, and the foods not too expensive, that is if you don’t get the happy ending. Oh, insomniac sleep deprived brain fart, Happy Ending Meals, for the boy who has outgrown the Happy Meal. I will say it was pretty sad when I got off the bus today here at the Airport, and everyone else on the bus was an employee, and all the other passengers came by private Escalade. Actually fuck that, I enjoy public transportation, and the planet. I’m losing it on my second day of less than four hours of sleep. I’ll from the road.

Until then enjoy the last Great Friends from David Cope and I…

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