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Destination Ramada Inn Mall of America, not Minneapolis or St. Paul.

February 7, 2010

Well it feels like that, but that came off as kind of shitty, and I’ve had a great time here at the Ramada Mall of America, and more so Joke Joint Comedy Club. I usually would get restless in a overgrown motor lodge, surrounded by monolithic corporate superstores, but there’s something comforting about the thirty year old native themed decor here, and snow makes everything pretty. The Mall of America made me tired immediately, as do all malls, so instead of catching the shuttle over to one of the seven food courts and indoor roller-coastery, I’ve been living off the vending machines, and a lone trip to Trader Joes. Life is good
I made two jaunts into the Twin cities, one to St. Paul, and another to Minneapolis. Both for food, since that seems the most logical reason to spend myself homeless since sobriety. First of all, I’ll say I like it here. It’s all covered in snow, and most of the foliage is dead, but I can tell its a nice green city for part of the year, and everyone I’ve met has been real cool. I went into St. Paul for Ethiopian food, the twin cities have a huge East African population, and Fasika’s delivered. Just as good as DC’s best.
The destination in Minneapolis was recommended to me in LA as the ONLY place I needed to go while visiting. Hell’s Kitchen lived up to its reputation, as the best breakfast in town. It sounds odd, but I’d go there for the peanut butter alone. Its in the basement of a shopping center or office building, and looks vaguely chainy when you arrive, the servers wear pajamas. Move on, it was awesome, even with an hour wait. I had Huevos Rancheros and cornmeal pancakes, but the peanut butter was still the main attraction. I’ve never just eaten a condiment off the table with a spoon, psych, I wish I’d never eaten a condiment, but this one was so good, the shame was beatout by the delicious factor.
Anyways, I don’t really know much about the Twin Cities, I didn’t get out much, but from my two dining experiences, and all the fun to be had at the Ramada, I’d say its worth your visit.
Ok, time to pretend to care about football.

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  1. Shanna G. permalink
    February 10, 2010 11:01 pm


    I’ve been OCDly checking the website since your last apperance on TBTL where you mentioned you would be in Minneapolis. I missed literally ONE week and you were already here and gone. Rats!

    Hope you enjoyed your time in the Twin Cities and please come back again soon.

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