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Let’s be honest…

February 9, 2010

I am sucker for shit like this, it’s Entourage for hipsters. New York art world trust fund hotties, meet skateboarding, with hip hop cameos (cue RZA). KIDS minus the rape and AIDs, plus good parents. It’s like programming for my 16 year old self’s life boner. I don’t know if this is unique to Garfield HS circa 95-2005, but it seems perfectly nostalgic for what I thought life would be like right about now. Although seeing my more successful peers is completely all to real. Hey you’re a lawyer, I’m a mover, let’s awkwardly not speak of this, and you can think about it when you jog around your castle/apartment later. In about a month, everyone will love this, and it will be passe to yell it from the mountain tops. But until then, let me say that I think this show has a lot of potential, and if Kid Cudder is in it, then frankly it can really do no wrong in my book. Entree Vous.

PS. I’m sitting in a coffeeshop in snow covered Minneapolis, I will be back in the city tonight, where people are real and hope you fail to your face.

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