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Let’s grow some balls.

February 12, 2010

I don’t like to pick sides anymore, since the elections of 2004 I’ve realized its too divisive. It’s not fun. The majority of us have similar life experiences, and whatever political allegiances we have really just playout like supporting rival sports teams, one big national Boston v New York. When really no matter who wins, the baseball players makes millions of dollars for a job that is very gratifying, and most of that money never makes it back to us in any tangible sense, now just replace baseball player with politician. Either way we’re fighting over superfluous details, while our catchers, and pitchers, and outfielders, all drink in the same bar. Get it?
Having said that, I’m going to turn all the populist goodwill into spit, cause I’m gonna go ahead and say that I am very liberal, and I would never say different unless you’re some kind of large man drunkenly telling me the problem with stuff you have no understanding of. Stick to fragile veiled masculinity. Anyways, while being a liberal, I’m also pretty bummed to be categorized with a group of scared scaredies who don’t stand up against the opposing team, when clearly they’re cheating. In simpler words, after winning some great victories electorally, and dominating all three chambers of government, we have accomplished nothing. Somehow we have all the weapons and we’re still losing the war, yet this is a war, where we’re tying to take care of everyone. My emotions cloud and complicate my metaphors and analogies, not my similes. Short and sweet, stop being pussies liberals, we will take no reward in knowing our righteousness when we having nothing to show for it. Enjoy the clip, its from MSNBC, which I like, cause it says everything that makes me feel right.

Rachel Maddow calls out Republican Hypocrites

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