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V.W.O.B. Vancouver Winter Olympics Blog

February 14, 2010

I might keep that name, but we’ll see. I  don’t really think it encapsulates the tone at which I approach the winter olympics. Let’s just put it this way, in 5th grade, when I was racing for Stevens Pass Alpine Club, and spending all my weekends charging mountains, I watched the winter Olympics at Albertville for two weeks straight in my room. When Alberto Tomba one like a hundred gold medals in one day, I got so excited that I somehow gave myself a hernia, and had to go to the ER at 5 in the morning. Tomba was at that point the most decorated male skier in the world, but by the next Olympics he had obviously drank everyday since his winning, and this time he wasn’t good enough to earn a hernia from me. Let’s just say I’m willing to put my own health on the line.

Now I said that I was going to try and blog these entire Olympics, and I am, but I’ll be honest in saying that it won’t be easy. They’re already in full swing, and this is my first blog. My excuse is of course an important audition I had lastnight (to play the giraffe in Lion King), but now that that’s over, it’s Wintervention Olympic Style.

To refresh lets just go over the larger pieces of news. Of course the luger from Georgia(the country) died in practice, which is tragic, but do realize they’re going 90 miles an hour, so there is assumed risk. Luger lay on their backs, and if you lay on your stomach, its called the skeleton, which is like a no brainer for death related sporting. Anyways he was a young man, and he had a mom and he was probably super excited to get out of his dreary Caucus existence, so of course, moments of silence and all. Hopefully he died doing what he loved, almost dying. Next up, there’s no snow, take that Al Gore, but they’re making it, and thing seems to be recovering, but definitely not ideal. For racers, artificial snow is fast and abrasive, it ices quickly, and is a much sketchier thing to go 70 miles and more on, so I’m sure no one is happy about that. Speaking of unhappy, protestors in Vancouver hate the Olympics, cause its a six billion dollar game, that only lasts two weeks, understandable. Vancouver has a large homeless population that could have been saved by about six billion dollars, but saving poor people doesn’t generate economical benefits, nor does it stoke national pride, although it should. I’ll address this in a bit since I’ve got plenty of experience in East Vancouver , but this is a rush entry to get the games going. Anyhow, I wonder what they hope to accomplish by ruining the games now that they are proceeding. Do they want to make it a true waste of six billion dollars? That’s still a lot even though it was Canadian money. Burn!!!

Alright I’m gonna come back and write about the opening ceremonies, which are always way too weird, and unrelated, but Gretzky was there, and there was an awkward technical malfunction, but I’ve got to go to a show.

Let’s take this moment to congratulate the 1st gold medalist of the 2010 Olympics, Switzerland’s Simon Ammann took it in Men’s Ski Jumping. Congratulations Simon, you are now a hero, and will be nominally famous for at least a couple years, although that doesn’t mean you’re interesting. Remember to always wear your medal, and that you will now have to be a peripheral celebrity in your tiny neutral chocolaty nation.

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