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Is this how they celebrate Xmas in Oakland?

February 20, 2010

I don’t know if you guys have been following this story, but it appears that Santa spends his off months card-checkin broke ass gangsters on Oakland public transit. I’m gonna say dude gets served pretty well, but that’s what you get when you try and fight old men. He even states his age(67!!!) while he’s jolly shit talking, to remind the guy of his poor life decisions. I think if you’re ever getting into it with someone, and the guy is a veteran of a war that you weren’t alive for, probably a bad idea. I will also say, that is what every bus ride is like, ever.

Then there’s this…

Apparently seniors are allowed shanks, little ones.

I just hope I run into this dude at the Flea Market at the Ashby BART Station the next time I’m visiting my sister. I’ll buy him an entire weeks worth of whatever supplies he keeps in his layer, including a Raiders jersey. Looking back on it, I really could have used him on like 900 Metrobus rides from years 1992-98 where everyday I got punched in the head for wearing too nice sneakers in too bad neighborhoods, while looking like I did. Very white, very trying not to look very white. I swear I had a perm at one point. So if he has a time machine outside of the one in his mind, I might employee him, but maybe he’ll use it to go back and win Vietnam, since that seems to still be pretty fresh for him. Not funny Andy. Really though, this guy is a hero, and I mean a sandwich.

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