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V.W.O.B. #8 We’re almost there…

February 28, 2010

I’m currently watching the Canada v USA game surrounded by screaming American patriots, and rooting in defiance for the Great White North, despite not really knowing what I’m actually rooting for. I think it’s making them angrier, especially cause I’m eating a veggie burger. Cheering for Canada while eating a burger made out of vegetables is the most unpatriotic thing I can do. I think they just reopened my FBI file.

So as I predicted, Canada is winning, and god’s faith in the socialized healthcare system is clearly prevailing. I don’t know anything about whose doing what, but this game seems to be more violent than most of the other ones I’ve seen. Which is probably as violent as most hockey games should be, except still missing punching. How hard would it be to play a game where you usually get to punch people, and then when it means twice as much, you don’t get to. That’s like when I have to do TV clean shows, or auditions, and I’m not allowed to cuss. It’s my patriotic duty you motherfuckers! Speaking of which, maybe that’s what the duty free stores on the borders are for. A place in between nations, where you can shop and not feel like you have to do it on any nationalistic level.

Oh, US just scored. I still don’t know what I’m looking at, but I know that sea of red wants a W or a Gold. And I actually think we better give it to them, cause the last time a highstakes hockey game was lost in Vancouver, there were riots. Also I heard if Canada wins, Obama gets elected a second time. If i go missing, its the USA fans around me.

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