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Couchsurfing adventures continue…

March 19, 2010

So I’m about ten days into my newly simple lifestyle of living out of a duffel bag and sleeping where ever me and my Mexican blanket fit comfortably, or uncomfortably, depending on the piece of furniture or flooring. Reference the blog banner if you want to see us(the Mexican blanket and I) together. While I’m definitely out of my element, there’s something liberating about just going with the flow, letting whatever the circumstances are dictate the arc of your day. I’ll also say its hard to get your shit together in that same breath, you don’t want to be the guy doing sit ups in the middle of the living room your not trying to impose in. It’s ok though, I’m pretty svelte as is, and I don’t have that much shit to get together. I’m almost completely booked through June, which is kind of a holy shit scenario considering how quick it happened, and that it’s something I’ve always kind of wanted to do. It’s hard, cause I have wanderlust like I’m running from the law, but you need to stay in New York too. This way I get my adventure fix, and I’m doing comedy. I actually had to make a rule for myself that there was no non-comedy travelling allowed this year, after my four trips to Latin America last year, it was a hard obvious pill I needed to swallow. Hopefully I can put the video of those trips together soon; Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, and Colombia.
This whole rambling blog entry was all inspired by the clip below, there’s something pretty awesome about being on the move, you feel indestructible in a way, or like you can’t grow old. Watch the clip below, realize I need to take a nap, and if you work in showbiz, think the clip, add me and funny, and that’s the show I want to make.

Happy Friday everybody, Hot Soup Tonight at 8pm, and Midnight Run tomorrow at Midnight, duh.

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