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The adventures begins…

April 1, 2010

Starbuck’s oatmeal with everything, a large coffee, and eavesdropping on the East African cleaning ladies here at Ronald Reagan Airport. Perfect morning right? I thought so too. Who’s idea was it to make airports also malls?I don’t think anyone is buying luggage inside the airport, just like they’re not buying food in the bathroom. Can you tell I haven’t slept a lot the past couple days?
I’m waiting for a flight to Atlanta to meet Jay Hastings and Rory Scovel to do a weekend tour of South Carolina. The first leg of this journey. Yesterday I barely made it through my set at Rira cause I slept for only one hour the prior evening well really that morning. That’s all it takes, one night of lost sleep and I have the same mental fortitude as a Nam vet. I’ve seen action though. Hours before my bus I found myself locked out of my apartment, and no one was answering their phones. Just like an overweight spy I was able to jump up and grab the bottom rung of the fire escape ladder adjacent to the building I was staying at. After three tries and some friendly prodding from one of the Chinese neighbors, I made it up, shimmied across a ledge, and then up to Scott’s window. It only took about ten minutes of pounding to wake him up and then I was in. It was super fun, made me want to join the army, except an army where they don’t kill people, just do that obstacle course thing. Anyways, it was the same fire escape that only a few days ago Karl Lagerfeld had been shooting the new Chanel campaign on, and if you haven’t heard me bragging about it, the models had to go through the apartment, which made the day of moving a couch up fifteen flights of stairs evaporate. I propose everyone get a model for their apartment or job, commute, negative experiences in general.
You can see it in the attached photo, which I’m not sure will be on the top or bottom of this post since it’s being written on my iPhone WordPress app. Who knew the future would be so amazingly practical and boring. No hoverboards or teleportation, but my phone plays movies and writes blogs. I’ll take it. Anyhoo, I’m off to the South and then four more weeks of this. I’ll be writing in this a lot more, since I don’t have models to hangout with all day now.
If you know anyone in Greenville, SC, we’ll be at the Gathering Spot tonight and in Charleston at Theatre 99 tomorrow.

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