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South Crackalack…

April 2, 2010

I’m sitting on the shady porch here at the Not-So Hostel in Charleston, SC, and let me tell you its pretty sweet. I’ve never really been to the south, and my first impression is a good one, its super laidback, which is the opposite of New York, and everyone’s friendly, also the opposite. I will say the race thing seems weird, they fly a confederate flag on the statehouse here, but aside from that I haven’t noticed anything different than anywhere else.
Lastnight we did a show in downtown Greenville, and despite my fears of lynching and being ran out of town, it was a super awesome time. I think I had the wrong impression of the south, at least my experiences suggest so, so far. The audience was a majority of white kids that looked like they were on a J Crew golf course shoot, but they laughed at everything, even the god and gay stuff. It is probably different for people that aren’t white males with college degrees, but I wouldn’t know.
Greenville was alright, but Charleston is fucking rad. It’s definitely got a beach vibe, almost like the Caribbean, but its hip. The couchsurfing has turned to cot surfing, since our hostel is supplying us with cots and we’re car camping behind the Not-So Hostel. I walked a couple blocks to find on of those coffee shops that people blog about alot, so I’ll just link to it. Despite being expensive, it was good. I’ll check back in, but we’re off to our show tonight. Hopefully this stays awesome.

Not-So Hostel

Hope and Union

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