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Best Coast…

April 13, 2010

I know I know I know, I haven’t been very good at the documentation of this couchsurfing/floor surfing mission, but it’s really not that interesting. I’m just in a different city every night, rocking a different crowd, making love to a different beautiful woman. Well, one of those is true. I’m writing from Philz coffee, which is the most likely place to find me in the bay if the day is out. Its in the Mission, and if you have never been, its sincerely my favorite cup of coffee in the world, and I’ve been around. They make each cup for you, fresh ground, there’s mint leaves, and other hippy shit that I love to make fun of, but actually participate in. Anyways it’s the best.

Look at this dirty dirty beautiful city…

I got to the Bay on Sunday afternoon, hot off a week of enjoying life and comedy in sunny Los Angeles. I get that the City of Angels is all spread out and strip-mally, and that everyone is trying to look pretty and there’s a whole bunch of fake shit, but its also beautiful, and there’s a beach, mountains, and maybe there just so damned smiley and sun-soaked that people not from there can’t understand that degree of laid-backed-ness. But I was only visiting, and they’re supposed to fall into the ocean, so maybe they’re just enjoying they’re slow decline. They do have cheap tacos and thai food, plus the Kogi truck, which I ate a quesadilla from, and I got queso-illa. My veganness has made me weak to cheese, thank god it hasn’t affected my comedy cheesiness.

These are nice…

and reasonably priced.

So Sunday I did a show at a former nemesis venue of mine, the Crowsnest in Santa Cruz, CA, and despite them being the rowdiest crowd I’ve played in a minute, it was a fun show. It’s a weird spot, cause its right on the ocean in Santa Cruz, and it looks like a yacht club or seafood restaurant, but the upstairs is full of drunk frat boys and hoochie-mamas. I got into a back and forth with a heckler about him hating gay people, and it made for  a stealthy exit after the show when his colleagues convened in the parking lot to “meet me,” but they were nice despite their aggressive nature, and all their lady friends dressed like cartoon cast members in my porn dreams. What I love about the road is that despite all our snootiness from the comfort of the cities we reside in, its way more fun to do this for real people, and not the back of the room.

Before I go to meet my sister for lunch at this Indian Pizza Place, for realsies, I’m headed to Mill Valley up in Marin to do the Throckmorton Theater tonight. The show is in this amazing little community theater full of really nice retired hippy types. Hopefully I will remember to do a Bay Area specific blog sometime after my flight back to SEAtown in the AM, this really is my favorite place in the US. Here and the Cracker Barrel in Pigeon’s Forge, TN.

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