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I know what you’re gonna say…

April 27, 2010

But I think I really like Die Antwoord. Cringe… You guys might not think anything, cause you might not know who they are. But virally we’re late to the party, so if you guys haven’t heard of them, I hadn’t, they’re a rap group from Cape Town, South Africa. Although its kind of horrible on a preliminary level, it really grows on you, like fun cancer. They even describe themselves as “car-crash” music, as in you can’t look away once you start. Now I don’t even know if I like the music, but somehow the duo, Ninja and Yolandi, are like electro-hipsters from the slums of Cape Town, and they could care less what anyone thinks about them. I think they even realize their music is for everyone, but its like Andy Kaufman-esque. Plus there’s a slo-mo cock waving shot in a pair of Pink Floyd boxers. They might also be racist, I mean they’re super white, and from South Africa, but they don’t say anything specific so I’m just putting it out there in case I’ve been supporting racists or something. They also played Coachella, which racist aren’t allowed at, I would think. Ok, stayed tune, I just didn’t want anyone else missing out on this faublousness.

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