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The end is nigh…

April 27, 2010

Well at least this portion of epic road trips. After a weekend of way too late of nights, and way too many donuts, the Bridgetown Comedy Fest was another success; comedy summer camp, crescendo of bad decisions, and overall amazing time. It was the kind of fun that you felt bad about having, but this time no one died.

We left Seattle Wednesday morning after the 4/20 Comedy show at Capitol Club, which might have been one of the best shows I’ve ever done in  Seattle, especially considering Reggie Watts’ closing set sans beat sampler. Over the Cascades and through the eastern plains, we arrived in Spokane early in the afternoon, and went straight to Spokane Paintball Club. I haven’t been this scared, or had this much fun since I seduced a lady ninja. The place was set up like the Complex from Golden Eye, and we giggled and shrieked our way through three hours of pain masked by adrenaline. Super gay sentence, yep.

After the PTSD wore off, we did a show for Scott’s friends and families(his mom loved my jokes, not), and then hung at Spokane’s only hipster spot, Baby Bar. Goodtimes, make that great. The funny thing is there’s a venue in Spokane called Goodtymes that had half a sports car jutting out of the sign, and we used to play it on a horrible road run. I think the Y in it stood for, why is this place called Goodtymes. To help describe Spokane a little better, it is known to residents as Spokompton, Spokanistan, and I thought of Spokan’t. My mom’s from here, I know it well.

The next morning we drove down the Columbia River to Portland for the fest. I should do a separate entry for the fest. To just cram it into this entry would be kind of criminal and it would also diminish what the fest actually was. I’m gonna sleep on the actual Portland entry, and for now this can just be the “hey I went paintballing and did comedy in a shitty little city, yet still had a great time, despite my high snobiety, and general cynicism” entry.

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