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June 6, 2010

So I’m sitting here at the Ramada Inn, in Victoria, BC. The club, Heckler’s, is in the basement, and they have wifi, so I don’t really need to leave. But I did leave to go to a coffee shop today though, cause I like coffeeshops, and staring at hipsters that I’m far too crass and immature to date or approach. I also like to listen to electronic music on exclusive blogs, while reading articles, and acting generally more important than I actually am. Habit, the coffeeshop, and you may already know this from twitter, didn’t have WIFI. Now I run into this a lot, and let me say, yes have good coffee, and yes act like you fucking painted a masterpiece everytime you pull a fucking shot. Sure, wear clothes that should be reserved for pop-up store secret shows in the Bowery. That’s all fine and dandy. BUT don’t fucking not have wifi and then act like its normal. We live in the future if you couldn’t tell, and I only buy your coffee and sit in your naturally lit, minimalistic spaces, so I can check facebook, think of a tweet, download crunk music, and then write a sentence or two on a script that I’ve been procrastinating to finish. If I didn’t want to do that, I’d have rode a horse to your shop, and used a wooden typewriter to write this. There’s an oil spill you selfish assholes.
Also, the pictures above are from an exhibit called EmptyLA, and I think in general people love to shit on LA and call it ugly, and say mean things about its mom, but we call those people Haters, and they drink Haterade. I think the photos are pretty, like LA, and if there was a bandwagon, I’d ride it to the Lakers victory parade. Learn how to talk normal Boston.

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