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My Morning Bracket…

June 9, 2010

That would’ve been a good title for a March Madness blog, but here we are all three months too late, and I needed a joke.

I’m super late to the My Morning Jacket bandwagon, which is something I could literally see them travelling in, and still don’t know much about them, but I watched them headline the first night of Sasquatch a couple of weekends ago, and was instantly a fan. More recently I saw that they played Jazzfest in New Orleans back in April, and the footage is awesome. Complete with a second line through the French Quarter to set things off, they played a secret, or smaller intimate show at Preservation Hall, with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It looked to be the kind of show you might never forget, why would you want to? But I’m sure it resulted in falling in love, making babies, and a general dissemination of good in the world. I probably wouldn’t have had such piqued interest, had I not been watching David Simon’s new crack-addiction-level-good television, Treme, which follows a group of post-Katrina New Orleans musicians and the intersections of their lives. So, if music is as important to NOLA as Treme portrays it to be, and the MMJ show was as epic as the youtube clip plays, well then for at least one night in this world, in one tiny corner of a hard luck city that won’t quit (Katrina, now oil?!), even if it was for a mere one to two hours, All Was Right. Man this blog got kind of heartfelt.
Tomorrow this becomes the official Andy Haynes World Cup blog, grab your balls and get ready to lose your jobs. That last sentence negated any heartfeltedness.

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