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I know what you’re not thinking…

June 14, 2010

But I realized while Sean Patton was making fun of blogs the other night, that it is indeed, supremely self-important to assume anyone would care what I think about soccer games that have already happened. It might as well be me saying here’s how I feel about games I’ve watched. So, I’m gonna chime in with peripheral observations about the Cup, and maybe some little known facts, but not “hey let me recap what you already know and don’t care about.” Honestly, I only write about it so people know that I watch soccer, and someday give me a job being a funny correspondent, but no one who reads this hires at ESPN, BBC, FSN, Sky, or whatever place hires those people, if you do, I’m ready to drop everything and fly to S.A. to hang with the Bafana Bafana. I think that’s something they call the South African soccer team.
I say think, and don’t check cause I’m operating by iPhone. I just moved into my new apartment in the LES, yeah poor pimpin, and the hotel I steal wireless from is spotty, plus I’ve been moving, which is something that should immediately leave me out of the blogging world, although if I did, I smell book deal and movie where Amy Adams plays me.
I have been watching though, the picture above, is sideways, but is the picture my iPhone picks up from the 10 dollar MobiTV app, which streams all the games live, we live in the future. Quick thoughts from the last three days, underwhelming, although that Tshabalala goal was literally one f the best I’ve ever seen. Argentina looks strong, and Germany, holy fuck. Also Ghana, I predict a quarterfinals for them, they were really strong today.
Off to bed, I’m gonna be listening at 7:30 am to ESPN 1050 am to hear the Danes and the Dutch play, while moving, pinche trabajo!

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