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Ok, I’m gonna kind of wish them luck…

June 26, 2010

Forty-five minutes from USA v. Ghana, and I think, although I’m not too thrilled about either, the USA might be more fun to like than hate. For years I’ve let my disapproval of Americanism in general cloud my feelings about the US Soccer team, like when I hear U-S-A chanting, my brain goes to My-Lai massacre and obesity, but let’s step back. This is a new America, post-racial(not really), poor(really), in crisis, and admitting it(for really). Maybe this team is full of mellow mannered non-aggressive types, I bet some of them are vegetarians, I bet most if not all of them voted for Obama. I bet Obama will watch this game. I wouldn’t want to piss off Obama. So I’ll support them, I don’t think they’re that good. The MLS is like watching a really good high school soccer game, and the national team isn’t much better, but if I want us to get better in general, its got to start somewhere. So U-S-A, but quietly, so no one else hears it.

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