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World What?

June 27, 2010

The round of 16 is in full swing, and despite my last minute endorsement, the USA is out. Hey good for Ghana, they have a continent behind them, not a percentage of one nation whose support is ambiguous at best. AND, their goals were fucking superb. Also, I feel weird when Americans start chanting U-S-A, it just feels like there’s gonna be a hate crime, that or an explosion. I just watched the England v. Germany match, and I felt the same way about the German fans. Like, “hey you guys, you shouldn’t be so proud, we still remember what you did.” But that’s not what the World Cup is about, its about coming together, and pretending we like soccer, but really we just brunch. Sorry, I watched the last game at a Soho pub full of rich young beautiful white people, and the ease at which they live, just has to be at the expense of someone else, right? I couldn’t help but hate how well they were doing, a lot of them had the new iPhone, and it didn’t look like they had to wait.
Anyways, Argentina v. Mexico is about an hour away, and while out-skilled Mexico should make this a good game. I should probably go to Sunset Park and watch in a laundromat to really experience this, but New York feels like a comfortable hell right, so I’m gonna go look for a walk in refrigerator and watch it there. Realistically I watch on my iPhone in my non-lit apartment, which is great, cause this is how Gollum would watch it. Who is he rooting for, especially since New Zealand is out? I know who I’m rooting for. Vamos Mexico! Pero Argentina tambien! That’s the problem with soccer, I want the underdogs to win, but the better the team, the better the games, right? Argentina has certainly the most stacked roster of international stars, and seriously, none of them are pricks, but there coach is Maradona, who is fat and fun to watch. Then there’s Mexico, which I love as a country, and cuisine. I’m flummoxed, but Vela plays for Arsenal, ok I’ll root for Mexico, as long as they win.

This is what happened last time. I forgot how beautiful the game winner was.

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