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Fort of July.

July 4, 2010

This guy isn’t allowed at my party.

Something about the Fourth of July, and holidays in general just makes me want to do bad stuff. I don’t mean like kill a guy, but definitely get in a little trouble, possibly light some shit on fire, nothing that has people in it. You see it even in the mundane, how non-cool people, you know, squares, parents, whites, etc. will eat cows-worth-o-beef (that’s a form of measurement) and wash it down with cake and beer, on some monthly exception, literally more calories than your average African village, and they excuse it cause a nation or a saint was born a hundred years back. I am no exception, today’s evil will include smoking pot till I think the fireworks are a pretty beginning to WW3, immigrant chasing, and a bear knuckle cage match with a pugilist somewhere near Flushing Queens. That is we will be wearing bear’s knuckles. There are no rules on America’s birthday.
As we all know the World Cup has come to a somewhat blah semifinals, and all I have to say is I am completely indifferent to a winner now, as long as they aren’t Germany. We all know what you did, we don’t need to be putting any wind in their sails just yet. Although how funny is it to think of Hitler having to deal with a fairly multi-cultural team. That just concluded my knew favorite pasttime of being prejudice to white foreigners. I finally found a loophole in the racism, and its great. FUCK THE KRAUTS. That felt great to say. JK, Happy Birthday easy living, and then me next Sunday. Send presents to the TGIFridays at Northgate Mall in Seattle, WA. I’ll be the one wearing the leather vest and the bottom half an astronaut costume. The drugs are working.

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