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Laundry Day…

August 4, 2010

Spottie – Heritage EP Exclusive Download by ChoiceCuts

It’s muggy out, and due to my lack of time/motivation, I have gone through all my clothes, mainly carrying stuff up and down stairs, for people, for money. I am currently sweating it out in a pair of too small bootleg Brazil shorts. Its a classy look with, also fake Ray-Bans and my favorite orange soda water. FYI I know I should have to have sex with men when I write stuff like that. I essentially just asked for it. I’ve been consumed by the fatigue of heat and work, ie moving, which is impossible to be funny after. I found this out with a super bomb at Bar 4 on Sunday night. It was like wading into a warm tub of suck and just kind of soaking it in. I’ve remedied the whole situation with lots of sleep, lots of coffee, and listening to lots of rap music. The above song, is a cover, but has been an summer chillin anthem for everybody and their moms, cool moms, since it came out my junior year of high school. There were a lot of moms at my high school, teen moms. Its like announcing to the world, there’s gonna be a motherfucking barbeque, and if we can find them horseshoes or corn-hole, that too. Drink whatever you drink cold, enjoy the waning days of summer.

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